Tom Coyner(K-35)'s Home Page

Struggling to understand NE Asia while keeping a sense of humor?  If the answer is yes, this site is for you.

Our topics are organized as follows:

  • True Facts - a series of accounts illustrating that the truth is weirder than fiction
  • Tall Tales - jokes, poems, photos, graphics and essays
  • Top Ten (and Other Lists) - originally about computers, this section lost its way as funnier lists were sent in.
  • Understanding Japan- this was the first section devoted to learning about this part of the world; it is now quite huge.
  • Understanding Korea - this soon followed the Japan section with an especially large section on North Korea.
  • Serious Stuff - serious topics that don't fit into other sections are included here including religion, economics, politics, etc.
  • RPCV's Korea - for Korea Returned Peace Corps Volunteers - with e-mail directory along with photos/contributions of and by RPCVs--recently expanded.
  • Friends of IBEAR-devoted to alumnae and friends of the University of Southern California IBEAR MBA program; includes extensive e-mail directory photos/contributions of and by IBEAR alumnae.
  • Family Pages-to individual family pages.

  • This site began in 1996 as a vanity site as well as a means of learning more about the Internet. It has become a minor institution for those people interested in NE Asia with a sense of  humor as well as professional and academic concerns.

    I don't take this enterprise too seriously but I do try to keep it as current as possible.  Should you have any contributions, I hope you may share them with us all care of the below left e-mail button.

    O-genki de, chal isseo, sl? go foill...Tom Coyner

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