Journey East

2006/09/21 08:30

Journey East

A Selection of Images (1969 ~ 2005)

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Robert Kowalczyk (K-7)

Korea was, is and always will be a unique experience. As a friend recently remarked, it comes from the nomadic nature and passionate character of the Korean people: open, flexible and always in the here and now. These are attributes that make the Koreans so human, so fallible, so more loveable than their more formal neighbors. It is what  made Korea so frustrating and fulfilling for all of us who spent time there in the Peace Corps. To alter Hemingway's well-known phrase on Paris, "If you are lucky enough to have lived in Korea while you are  young, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with
you, for Korea is a moveable feast."  I think for those of us who were fortunate enough to share the experience, Korea paid us back in full and is still with us, in ways obvious and subtle, wherever we may be.  
If the images in the Korea section of the website help you to bring back those times, I would feel that the effort made in that enchanting summer of 1977 was well worth it. Please do whatever you can, in your own way, to make sure that war never again comes to the place where so much of what we are began. Find a way, still now, to be a peace making volunteer for Korea - Uri nara.  It certainly will be worth each and every effort, not only for Korea but for our world itself.    (Robert Kowalczyk / Kyoto / September 12, 2006)